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Botany for Gardening

  • Forest Garden here at CATForest Garden here at CAT

    Aberystwyth University Life Long Learning programme: Certificate of Field Ecology/Conservation Each course/module costs £100.
    Please book onto the course through Aberystwyth University 01970 62 2682.

  • Botany for gardeningBotany for gardening

    Sat 28th - Sun 29th May 2016.
    Course starts at 9am.
    Course fees are £100.Please book onto the course through Aberystwyth University 01970 62 2682 before booking your full board accommodation at CAT.

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This is an exciting course which takes its inspiration from the ornamental and vegetable gardens here at CAT.

The aim is to reveal through observation, practical work and experimentation the principles of botany which have a direct relevance to ecology and gardening in particular.

This will give you knowledge and understanding of the responses of plants to their environment and specifically to gardening techniques and practices.

It should help you become a better gardener and have a greater understanding of the diversity of plant life.

This is an excellent course for anyone interested in gardening, horticulture or botany and forms an excellent basis for progress on to plant diversity and plant identification courses also run here at CAT.

The aim of the course is to help people understand plants better by learning about their biological processes. There will be lots of observing of plants in the CAT gardens, as well as some botany experiments. We'll be looking at how seeds germinate, the growth processes of plants, photosynthesis, plant nutrition, soils etc with the aim of seeing how it all applies to garden practice eg progagation, pruning, soil care.

No previous knowledge is required, and the course is suited to those who just want to satisfy their gardening curiosity, but others may be taking the course as part of the Certificate of Higher Education in Field Ecology.

The course is fully accredited by Aberystwyth University giving you the opportunity to study at Higher Education CQFW level 4, giving 10 credits which are excellent for professional development. Assessment work is embedded in the course and consists of keeping a ‘portfolio’ as a running record of your observations and ideas which would be a useful reference document. The ring bound notebook for the ‘portfolio’ is included in the course fee.

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The University of Aberystwyth School of Education and Lifelong Learning aims to offer a range of accredited (intensive) courses at CAT to enable students to gain a Higher Education Certificate in Field Ecology.

The Certificates would take a minimum of two to three years to complete. Gaining the Certificate would enable you to become a competent field ecologist, able to plan and undertake field survey work and identify key species. These are useful skills that are in high demand for many environmental and conservation jobs.

The core courses of this Certificate cover general ecology, the diversity of plants and animals and plant identification.
There are also many key and optional courses to choose from involving the identification, habitat and general ecology of a range of groups: invertebrates, mammals, bats, mosses, lichens, grasses, flowering plants, birds, pond life and many more.

Individual courses can be built up in to the Certificate of Field Ecology.

If you are interested in working towards this Certificate, more information, help or advice is available from the School of Education and Lifelong Learning Aberystwyth University, telephone Paula Hughes 01970 62 2682 (mornings only) .

You do not need a scientific background to succeed.

Course fees are £100.
Please book onto the course through Aberystwyth University 01970 62 2682 before booking your full board accommodation at CAT.



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