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Permaculture Design Course 3

  • Gardening

    Please book onto the course through Aberystwyth University 01970 621 580.

  • Gardening

    Fri 9th - Sun 11th April 2016.
    Course starts at 10am.
    Course fees are £120, Please book onto the course through Aberystwyth University 01970 621 580.

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Learn how to design resilient, abundant human habitats, by working collaboratively with nature and each other.

This is the third long weekend in a three part, accredited Permaculture Design Course. Each weekend can stand alone if preferred. However, all three modules are required for a Permaculture Design Certificate. The focus of this course is on how to meet our fundamental human needs more sustainably. There is a particular emphasis on how we can design things to work well together.

You will develop your own portfolio of small, achievable designs through projects carried out during and between each weekend, with support and feedback from the tutor team. This will culminate in a larger design exercise over the last weekend – an opportunity for you to apply and integrate your learning throughout the course.

Course tutors Dr Angie Polkey and Dr Kate Hamilton have over 25 years of combined experience in permaculture design and teaching, complemented by inspirational site visits to nearby permaculture practitioners.

See also Permaculture (1), 6th - 8th Feb 2016 and Permaculture (2), 5th - 7th Mar 2016.

Please book onto the course through Aberystwyth University on 01970 621 580.

CAT cannot book you onto the course, you have to book with Aberystwyth University.

More information on Aberystwyth School of Lifelong Learning

The University of Aberystwyth School of Education and Lifelong Learning aims to offer a range of accredited (intensive) courses at CAT to enable students to gain a Higher Education Certificate in Field Ecology.

The Certificates would take a minimum of two to three years to complete. Gaining the Certificate would enable you to become a competent field ecologist, able to plan and undertake field survey work and identify key species. These are useful skills that are in high demand for many environmental and conservation jobs.

The core courses of this Certificate cover general ecology, the diversity of plants and animals and plant identification.
There are also many key and optional courses to choose from involving the identification, habitat and general ecology of a range of groups: invertebrates, mammals, bats, mosses, lichens, grasses, flowering plants, birds, pond life and many more.

Individual courses can be built up in to the Certificate of Field Ecology.

If you are interested in working towards this Certificate, more information, help or advice is available from the School of Education and Lifelong Learning Aberystwyth University, telephone Paula Hughes 01970 62 2682 (mornings only) .

You do not need a scientific background to succeed.

For more information on taking this course as part of a field certificate through Aberystwyth School of Lifelong Learning Click here
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Please book onto the course through Aberystwyth University 01970 621 580.
Accommodation is not available at CAT for this course.

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