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Plant Diversity

  • Plants in a pond at CATPlants in a pond at CAT

    Please book onto the course through Aberystwyth University 01970 621 580 before booking your optional full board accommodation at CAT.

  • Plant diversity at CATPlant diversity at CAT

    Fri 9th - Sun 11th Sept 2016.
    Course starts at 10am.
    Course fees are £100, please book onto the course through Aberystwyth University 01970 621 580
    Full board accommodation at CAT £130.

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What’s the difference between grass, ferns and mosses? They are plants and have green leaves. Yes, but we need to know a great deal more about the diversity of plants to develop an interest in the environment, field biology, wildlife and gardening.

Find out the science behind sorting out members of the Plant Kingdom. (The secret is in their life cycles and structure of their reproductive organs!).

From A for Anemone to Z for Zinnia and all types of conifers, horsetails, ferns and mosses in between, their relationships to each other will be revealed.

By examining their structure and studying the evolutionary processes that resulted in this diversity of form, you will be able to place plants into related groups.

There will be plenty of specimens to examine. This is a fascinating and essential core course for both ecology Certificates.

It is an excellent background for anyone interested in other courses involving plant life.

The course will cover the evolution of plants looking at the diversity within and between plant groups and their adaptations to different environments.

This is quite a theoretical course with days divided between lectures, slideshows/videos and practical sessions. There may be some time for reading. Most work will be indoors but will be broken up with short field visits on the site.

Complete beginners will be challenged but no prior knowledge is required to tackle the course. There will be 20 contact hours with the tutor but additional study time during the evenings would be beneficial. You will be encouraged to ask questions and share ideas, to learn not only from the tutor but also from other members of the group.

The course is fully accredited by Aberystwyth University giving you the opportunity to study at Higher Education CQFW level 5, giving 10 credits which are excellent for professional development. Assessment work will consist of two written reports to be completed after the course and an illustrated oral presentation which will take place in class on day 3.

The timing will be flexible to allow for progress and the weather, but we will aim to have 13.00 to 14.00 as a lunch break. Tea and coffee breaks will also be taken in a relaxed atmosphere using the adjacent restaurant (payable locally). The maximum number of students on the course will be 12.

The University of Aberystwyth School of Education and Lifelong Learning aims to offer a range of accredited (intensive) courses at CAT to enable students to gain a Higher Education Certificate in Field Ecology.

The Certificates would take a minimum of two to three years to complete. Gaining the Certificate would enable you to become a competent field ecologist, able to plan and undertake field survey work and identify key species. These are useful skills that are in high demand for many environmental and conservation jobs.

The core courses of this Certificate cover general ecology, the diversity of plants and animals and plant identification.
There are also many key and optional courses to choose from involving the identification, habitat and general ecology of a range of groups: invertebrates, mammals, bats, mosses, lichens, grasses, flowering plants, birds, pond life and many more.

Individual courses can be built up in to the Certificate of Field Ecology.

If you are interested in working towards this Certificate, more information, help or advice is available from the School of Education and Lifelong Learning Aberystwyth University, telephone Paula Hughes 01970 62 2682 (mornings only) .

You do not need a scientific background to succeed.

For more information on taking this course as part of a field certificate through Aberystwyth School of Lifelong Learning Click here
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Course fees are £100, please book onto the course through Aberystwyth University 01970 621 580 before booking your optional full board accommodation at CAT.

Full board accommodation at CAT costs £130.

Please book accommodation by emailing courses@cat.org.uk or by phone on 01654 704 952.



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Please book onto the course through Aberystwyth University 01970 621 580.

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