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Identification of Grasses, Sedges and Rushes

  • Identification of Grasses, Sedges and RushesIdentification of Grasses, Sedges and Rushes

    Mon 1st - Weds 3rd July 2019.
    Course starts at 10am. Course fee £120, Concessions £100.
    Please book onto the course through Aberystwyth University 01970 621 580 before booking accommodation at CAT.
    Full board accommodation at CAT £130.

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Green leaves that all look the same and no pretty flowers, so difficult to identify!

Learn the fundamentals of grass, sedge and rush identification, essential and valuable skills for any field and conservation ecologists and hopefully, by the end of this course, you will know this statement is not true.

Emphasis will be on practical skill with identification taking place mainly in the laboratory where there is time and equipment to fully examine specimens.

A range of common species, both flowering and non-flowering from local habitats will be used.

The focus will be on learning how to identify and develop the skills and confidently use a flora.

Students should become familiar with a good range of common species, relating these species to their preferred habitat and be able to identify these species in the field, producing a portfolio of specimens and a small voucher collection.

A valuable course for professional development.

The course will be run as a practical workshop where you will be shown how to use a stereo microscope and use reference texts and keys to identify specimens. We will focus on common species to gain an understanding of the terminology involved. The habitats around the venue will be investigated and a diverse range of other specimens will be available. By the end of the course you should be able to tackle the identification of unknown specimens and recognise a good range of common species.

Complete beginners will be challenged but no prior knowledge is required to tackle the course. Students with some previous knowledge or familiarity with general plant identification, terminology and the use of keys will be at a slight advantage. There will be 20 contact hours with the tutor but additional study time during the evenings would be beneficial. You will be encouraged to ask questions and share ideas, to learn not only from the tutor but also from other members of the group.

The course is fully accredited by Aberystwyth Universtiy giving you the opportunity to study at Higher Education CQFW level 5, giving 10 credits which are excellent for professional development. Assessment work is embedded in the course and consists of keeping a ‘portfolio’ as a running record of your observations and ideas which would be a useful reference document. You also make a small reference collection of the specimens identified during the course and complete a short identification and terminology test.

The ring bound notebooks for the ‘portfolio’and the reference collection is included in the course fee. Reference books, keys, microscopes, specimens and all other materials/equipment needed will be provided for your use during the course.

More information on Lifelong Learning, Aberystwyth Univeristy

The University of Aberystwyth School of Education and Lifelong Learning aims to offer a range of accredited (intensive) courses at CAT to enable students to gain a Higher Education Certificate in Field Ecology.

The Certificates would take a minimum of two to three years to complete. Gaining the Certificate would enable you to become a competent field ecologist, able to plan and undertake field survey work and identify key species. These are useful skills that are in high demand for many environmental and conservation jobs.

The core courses of this Certificate cover general ecology, the diversity of plants and animals and plant identification.
There are also many key and optional courses to choose from involving the identification, habitat and general ecology of a range of groups: invertebrates, mammals, bats, mosses, lichens, grasses, flowering plants, birds, pond life and many more.

Individual courses can be built up in to the Certificate of Field Ecology.

If you are interested in working towards this Certificate, more information, help or advice is available from Lifelong Learning Aberystwyth University, telephone the Science Co-ordinator 01970 621 580 .

You do not need a scientific background to succeed.

For more information on taking this course as part of a field certificate through Lifelong learning, Aberystwyth University Click here
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Please book onto the course through Aberystwyth University 01970 621 580 before booking your accommodation at CAT.

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