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Rewilding Ourselves: nature connection for a zero carbon future

  • Sat 23rd - Mon 25th June 2018.
    Course starts at 10am. Course fee £55 for each day.
    Low waged/Concession course fee £35 for each day.
    Note:- You must attend day 1 if you wish to attend day 2 and day 1 and 2 if you wish to attend day 3.
    Course fee does not include food or accommodation.

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One of the key findings of CAT's Zero Carbon Britain: Making it Happen report was that our disconnection from nature is a major barrier to achieving both a zero carbon future and a socially just society. Scientific research shows that the more connected to nature people feel, the more likely and able they are to take pro-environmental action. This course offers practical, proven tools for reconnecting with nature that can be integrated into your daily life and work to empower and sustain positive action.

Awaiting your discovery at CAT are woodlands, lakes and re-wilding quarries, home to dormice, weasels, badgers, otters, ospreys and eels, and rich in mosses, lichens, ferns, trees and wild flowers. In this abundant playground we’ll reclaim our childhood curiosity and develop our powers of observation through play, mindfulness and practical nature connection exercises. Unseen and unheard, we’ll seek out the hidden wonders of nature we often miss by not paying attention, and learn to connect more deeply with nature, ourselves, and each other. To support our experiential learning, we will explore the theoretical underpinnings of nature connection, rewilding, deep ecology and systems thinking and how this all relates to sustainability and a zero carbon future. As if that wasn't enough reason to get outside, a growing body of research also shows that feeling more connected to nature increases happiness and well-being, health, quality of life and educational performance.

Learn practical skills to interpret the natural world, such as tracking, understanding the language of birds and the body language of trees; enjoy the benefits of spending time outdoors meaningfully connecting with nature; check out from all things digital, nourish and recharge your energy; enjoy a supportive temporary community to share a transformational journey that supports a wider perspective of time, space and awareness – supporting the development of an ecological sensibility and life-affirming action; explore the theoretical themes mentioned above and discover how the theory and practise is a crucial part of a sustainable future.

Day 1 – Basic intro, awakening the senses
Day 2 – Going deeper – theory and practice
Day 3 – The bigger picture, more theory & practise, putting it all together.

Course fee does not include accommodation or meals, but can be arranged by calling 01654 704966.

Course Tutor: Kara Moses, rewilder of land and people.

Things you need to know

Note:- You must attend day 1 if you wish to attend day 2, and attend day 1 and 2 to attend day 3.

Most of the time on this course will be spent outdoors, so please bring plenty of warm layers, waterproofs, walking boots, and a flask for hot drinks.

You must be over the age of 18 years on the day this course starts.

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