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5th - 7th May 2017         (New for 2017) The Zero Carbon Experience  
8th - 12th May 2017 HETAS H005DE - Biomass for Installers  
10th - 12th May 2017 HETAS H003DS - Installation of Dry Appliances  
13th May 2017 HETAS H006 - System Chimney Course    
13th May 2017 DIY Dodrefn - upcycling gyda paledau  
13th May 2017              (New for 2017) Felting  
13th - 14th May 2017 Natural Stone Walling  
15th - 20th May 2017 Sustainable Building Materials   Only ONE place available on this course.  
16th - 17th May 2017 Stove Installers course  
20th May 2017              (New for 2017) Turf and Dung Green Roofs  
3rd - 6th June 2017 Eco Refurbishment   Just one place left!  
5th - 8th June 2017 Build a Tiny House  
5th - 8th June 2017 Environmental Filmmaking  
7th - 8th June 2017 Zero carbon Britain: Making it Happen!  
8th June 2017                    (New for 2017) Extreme Ecology: Become a Nature Detective  
8th - 11th June 2017 Small is Beautiful Festival  
17th June 2017 Introduction to Herbal Medicine - First Aid  
17th June 2017 Introduction to Solar P.V.  
17th June 2017 Earth Oven Building  
17th - 18th June 2017        (New for 2017) Seeing the unseen - Sculpture course  
17th - 18th June 2017 Botany for Gardening  
18th June 2017 Solar P.V. Off-grid Systems  
18th - 23rd June 2017        (New for 2017) Midsummer work retreat SOLD OUT.  
3rd - 7th July 2017 Building with Straw Bales  
8th - 9th July 2017 Building with Rammed Earth  
8th - 9th July 2017          (New for 2017) Deglaciation - how the Welsh landscape emerged from the last ice-age  
8th - 10th July 2017 Rewilding Ourselves: Deepening our Nature Connection  
15th - 16th July 2017      (New for 2017) Mandala painting inspired by Geometry in Nature  
21st - 24th July 2017 Build a Tiny House  
21st - 24th July 2017 A Way of Building: Using locally sourced materials    only 2 places left!  
21st - 23rd July 2017 Identifying Flowering Plants  
24th - 26th July 2017 Identification of Grasses, Sedges and Rushes  
29th July 2017 Stake and Strand willow basket making  
29th - 30th July 2017 Cob Building    Only THREE places left on this course.  
31st July - 3rd Aug 2017 Build a Tiny House  
5th Aug 2017 DIY Furniture - upcycling with pallets  
26th Aug 2017 Hempcrete - Retrofitting for self-builders  
26th Aug 2017                 (New for 2017) Natural Beauty Workshop  
26th Aug 2017                 (New for 2017) Build a Shave Horse  
1st - 5th Sept 2017 Timber Frame Self Build  
1st - 3rd Sept 2017 Introduction to Permaculture (Permaculture Design Course 1)  
7th - 10th Sept 2017        (New for 2017) Advanced Timber Frame Joints  
9th Sept 2017 Earth Oven Building  
11th - 16th Sept 2017 Adaptation and Sustainability Concepts and Planning  
23rd - 24th Sept 2017       (New for 2017) Seeing the unseen - Sculpture course  
29th Sept - 1st October 2017  Pond and Stream Invertebrate Life  
30th Sept - 1st Oct 2017 Mushroom and Fungi Identification and Cultivation  
9th - 14th October 2017 Low Energy Buildings (Part A)  
30th Oct - 3rd November 2017 Sustainable Woodland Management    Only FOUR places left on this course.  
3rd - 6th November 2017      (New Extra Date) Eco Refurbishment  
4th - 5th November 2017 Mindfulness in the Woods  
11th - 16th Dec 2017 Environmental Politics and Economics  
15th - 20th Jan 2018 Low energy Buildings (Part B)  
12th - 17th Feb 2018 Sustainability and Adaptation for Cities and Communities  
3rd - 4th march 2018 Mindfulness in the Woods  
12th - 17th March 2018 Energy Provision (inc Renewable Energy)  
31st March 2018 Willow Basket Making  
16th - 21st April 2018 Ecosystem services:- Land use, water and waste management  
16th - 21st April 2018 Solar Photovoltaic Systems  
14th - 19th May 2018 Sustainable Building Materials