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Build a small wind turbine.

  • Sat 28th - Sun 29th April 2018.
    Course starts at 10am and ends at 4pm on the last day.
    Course fee including lunch on both days £150.
    Accommodation options are available.
    Another course runs on Sat 20th - Sun 21st October 2018.

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Drawing on Tom Dixon’s. 10 years of experience teaching people how to build small wind turbines we have developed a new design that is customised to maximise the practical and theoretical learning outcomes. The fact that you build it yourselves from scratch gives you a great understanding of the underlying scientific principles involved.

Over the weekend we build an electricity generating wind turbine from simple materials using a range of hand tools and techniques. Participants each carve a wooden blade, turn their own copper coil and manipulate powerful magnets. Once all the parts are brought together the complete turbine is tested and you can see your hard work put to good use.

By hand building all the elements you gain confidence in your own practical ability. The range of tasks involved allows you to get a sense of which skills you may be interested in developing further. You also attain a fantastic sense of achievement as you see the project develop from a pile of raw materials through to a fully working system.

The sessions are:

Blades – each person hand carves a wooden wind turbine blade with an aerofoil profile based on an introduction to fluid dynamics and blade design.
Electrical generator – after an introduction to electromagnetism each person creates a copper coil, prepares its output wires with solder and the group works together to connect them all up into a three-phase stator. Each person then secures a number of powerful magnets into a rotor to make up the other part of the generator.
Electrical system – the group learns about the different components that make up a safe wind turbine electrical system while wiring them all together to make a battery charging setup.
Assembly – the group bolt together all the component parts to complete the turbine and learns about the importance of mechanical overspeed protection, blade balancing & maintenance.
Testing – the group connects the turbine to their electrical system, watch it spin and charge some devices!

Please note – The turbine we will make is similar, but not the same as the Hugh Piggott machine as we will not be casting the alternator in resin, this means that the turbine we make, whilst working as an electrical generator, is not be suitable for permanent installation. However the skills and theory taught will leave participants with a better understanding of how wind turbines work and how to make one themselves should they wish.

Your tutor for this course is Tom Dixon.

Things you need to know

Due to the nature of this course some practical work will be done outside. We strongly advise you to bring waterproof clothing and steel toe-cap boots are mandatory.

You must be over the age of 18 years when this course starts.

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