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  • Sat 3rd - Sun 4th February 2018.
    Course starts at 10am and ends at 4pm on the last day.
    Course fee (not including food or accommodation) £120.
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Are you considering crowdfunding for your big dream? Reluctant to go begging for approval or selling your ideas for a tiny percentage of royalties? Or maybe you are just curious about the ways in which crowdfunding subvert the rotten old rules of production and consumption? Crowdfunding is about so much more than money. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can engage with your audience, fans or customers and invite them to shape your project from the off. But there are pitfalls. Crowdfunding is stressful, risky, and two thirds of campaigns fail - many with great drama.

Writer and editor Hannah Engelkamp walked around Wales with a donkey and then, full of DIY seize-the-day energy, decided to crowdfund in order to write a book and make a feature film of the journey. It was a huge success, went a bit viral, and ended 25% over budget, on £35,000. When she started eating and sleeping again, she began advising on many other campaigns, and has given talks about crowdfunding at the Royal Geographical Society and the Adventure Travel Film Festival.

Come and learn all about crowdfunding, from the history (did you know that 160,000 people donated to build the base of the Statue of Liberty in 1885?), to the ideology (shun big business and mean deals and keep your own creative control!) and most of all the practical nuts and bolts of how to run your own campaign. We’ll be covering everything from how to make a crowdfunding film (with adventure filmmaker Rhys Thwaites-Jones), to the PR, copywriting, social media and clever ideas to get your project noticed, and how to make and price the rewards, and the finished product.

The course will suit anyone who thinks they’d like to do a crowdfunding campaign, whatever your idea or invention. We will have workshop time, so you’ll leave many steps further along the route of launching your big success!

Day 1: A comprehensive introduction to crowdfunding - what it is, where it came from, the bizarre roots of micropatronage in history, what sort of projects work well, and an overview of what makes a campaign succeed or fail. We’ll look at some of the different crowdfunding platforms, and begin to identify what would work best for your project, if you have one.

Day 2, morning: The all-important crowdfunding film. Campaigns without films have a much lower chance of getting funded - of course your backers want to look you in the eye before they hand over some cash. Today we’ll look at some films, see what works and what doesn’t, and have a hands-on workshop to begin scriptwriting and planning your film, plus practical tutorials in camera use and editing. And if you really hate being on camera, we’ll work on some clever cheats.

Day 2, afternoon: We’ll work on all of the bits and pieces you’ll need to make your campaign run smoothly, from marketing the campaign to creating the product itself, plus the miserable jobs of postage and budgeting. We’ll work on your own ideas and plans, and send you off with a to do list that will make your project achievable.

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