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Mandala painting inspired by Geometry in Nature

  • Sat 11th - Sun 12th Nov 2017.
    Course starts at 10am and ends at 4pm on the last day.
    Course fee (not including food or accommodation) £80.

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When we look deeply at the world around us, we can see that everything in nature has its own intrinsic geometry, from the smallest micro-organism to the most vast galaxy. Within seemingly endless variety, patterns and shapes are in fact repeated, time and again.

What numbers are expressed in the petals and fruit of plants? Does a common geometric expression reflect similar biological function? Perhaps we ponder how the circular nature of sun, moon and planets is mirrored in the shape of our eyes, the ovum from which we grow and the seeds of many plants. How external cycles of water and minerals echo internal cycles within our bodies - of circulation, respiration, menstruation and other life rhythms.

In looking more deeply, we begin to realise inter-connection between ourselves and the whole of nature. We discover integration and belonging, which can soften feelings of separation and isolation, so common in industrialised society.

‘Mandala’ is a Sanskrit word meaning circle or wholeness. A mandala is a circular design that expresses wholeness through harmoniously bringing together colours, patterns and forms. Mandalas are found in many cultures, throughout history, in both religious and secular settings.

The mandala can be a focus for meditation, both during its creation and subsequently, as an object of contemplation. It can be perfectly simple, or elaborately complex in colour and construction, incorporating symbols and sacred geometry.

In this workshop, we will be studying the intrinsic geometry of plants and the symbolic language of geometric shapes, to find inspiration for creating our own mandala paintings. Learning to draw geometry with compass and ruler, while taking time to relax and go deeper within.

Our focus will embrace the season, considering the wildlife, the weather and elemental energy of this time of year, how this affects us and how we may create a design to hold a positive affirmation for ourselves/family/community at this time.

Whether simple or complex, the creation of a mandala can be a deeply satisfying process, providing a way to work artistically that can help us feel more centred and connected within ourselves and the world around us.

‘The mandala is the centre. It is the exponent of all paths. It is the path to the centre’ – Carl Jung.

Your tutor will be Anne Thomas.

Anne is a freelance artist and complementary therapist based in Mid Wales. She has quietly painted mandalas for most of her adult life, embarking on exhibiting, publishing and teaching her work in recent years.

Visit Anne’s website here

Outline of Weekend Course at CAT

Saturday 10am to 5pm

Arrival, greeting, practicalities.

Guided meditation.

Geometry in Nature - Talk and walk.

Students will collect objects (something found in nature) of geometric interest to sketch. We will co-create an altar (inside or outside – weather dependant) using the objects, while opening a discussion about possible themes/intent for making a mandala painting.

Lunch 1pm

Introducing mandalas, sacred art and the symbolism of the circle.

Drawing circles freehand and with compass. Painting a circular colour wash.

Geometry drawing workshop.

Developing a mandala design.

Sunday 10am to 4pm

Morning movement/meditation.

Checking in, sharing circle.

Continuing with drawing up and painting designs.

Considering mindful brush work, colour, symbolism.

Lunch 1pm

Balancing elements, squaring the circle - finishing the painting.

Blessing the paintings and closing ceremony.

Make it a mini-break.
At CAT we offer self-catering, B&B, half board and full board accommodation on-site, in both en-suite private rooms and shared dorm rooms from as little as £20/night.

More details are available here

Call us on 01654 704 966 to book accommodation.

Things you need to know

Due to the nature of this course some practical work will be done outside. We strongly advise you to bring waterproof clothing.

You must be over the age of 18 years when this course starts.

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