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The Centre is in a unique position to offer courses. Our staff have many years of 'hands-on' experience, backed up by academic expertise in their subjects. Our renewable energy hardware, organic gardens, ecological buildings and sewage systems are ideal for practical sessions, and the holistic approach of the Centre enables topics to be examined in a broad, sustainable environmental context.

Carwyn Lloyd Jones

Carwyn Lloyd Jones has over 20 years experience in the construction industry and is an expert in timber framing.


Carwyn is our main tutor on our  Build a Tiny House course as featured in The Guardian. He also is the tutor on Advanced Timber Frame Joints and DIY Furniture. Carwyn is also the designer / builder of the Dragons eye as featured on Epic Retreats.


He has built some of the buildings around the CAT site including a new Insulation display on our visitor circuit and building an extension to house our new biomass boiler.


He has constructed two wooden buildings at Grand Designs live. The first was a Compost toilet in 2012. Grand Designs were so impressed they invited him back in 2013 where he built a replica of Kevin McCloud's shed. 


Finn Finlay

Finn is a tutor on our HETAS courses.


Coming from the frozen island of Fyn in Denmark, Finn is dedicated to the basics of being warm, dry, and light as a recipe for loving your home and living well.

From his heating hub ‘Dyfi Fire’ in Machynlleth, Finn has been installing all manner of sustainable heating systems for fifteen years and has much to share on efficient, cleanburning  and cost effective ways to design your home and heating systems.

Dr Ruth Stevenson




Ruth is a senior tutor on our Tools to imagine a sustainable future course.


Ruth specialises in the institutional, social, planning and environmental aspects of sustainability. She spent her early career as a consultant environmental planner, primarily in the renewable energy industry, acting as a Director for the leading, worker owned renewable energy company, Dulas Ltd.


Whilst representing the wind energy industry on the planning policy panel for the Welsh Government, she was inspired to initiate her PhD research on the policy making process and its effects on the delivery of ‘sustainable development’. Since then, Ruth’s research has focussed on new governance models required for energy, environmental and social resilience.

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Philip Ralph

Philip Ralph is a tutor on our Practicing the Art of Living course.


Philip is an award-winning, professional creative practitioner with over twenty-five years’ experience as an actor, writer, performer, facilitator, and producer. 


He has acted and written for stage and screen, facilitated gatherings, walks, transformative experiences, and conferences.


Trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. His play, ‘Deep Cut’, about the deaths of four Army recruits at a barracks in Surrey, won Fringe First, Herald Angel and Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Awards at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2008.

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Fern Smith

Fern Smith is a tutor on our Practicing the Art of Living course.


Fern has over twenty-five years’ experience directing and performing with Volcano Theatre Company, a Revenue Funded Organisation (RFO) of the Arts Council of Wales.


After being awarded the Arts Council of Wales Fellowship on the Clore Leadership Programme in 2009/10, she went on to establish Emergence, an arts and sustainability Community Interest Company, curating events, commissioning art, and undertaking research that champions the role of the creative arts in social and ecological change.

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Bruce Stanley

Bruce Stanley is our tutor on our Designing Sustainable Start-ups course and the follow-up course Leading Sustainable Ventures here at CAT.


Bruce is an innovation facilitator and leadership coach. He originally trained as a designer and subsequently as an adult educator and leadership coach teaching at the University of the West of England.


He’s spent the last 20 years as a creative project manager and innovator in a variety of sectors from education, non-profit, community development and sustainability to EU R&D and digital health.


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Bee Rowan

Bee Rowan is our tutor on our Building with Strawbales course, Clay Plastering and Lime Rendering courses.


Bee Rowan has become a name synonymous with straw bale building here in the UK and throughout many parts of Europe. After discovering the manifold benefits & joys of straw bale building for the first time in 1994, Bee has subsequently dedicated her life to the promotion of this wonderful material for sustainable and affordable construction.

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Pat Borer


 Pat Borer

Pat Borer is an architect with over 35 years experience in designing and constructing 'green' buildings.


Pat is our main tutor on our Timber Frame Self Build course.


He has been closely involved with the Centre for Alternative Technology in the design and development of ultra-low energy buildings, passive and active solar heating systems, photovoltaic roofs, benign building materials and technologies, co-operative ways of building and healthy internal environments.


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Geoff Stow

 Geoff Stow is a tutor on our Timber Frame Self Build and Self-Build Project Management courses.


Geoff’s background is in community development and built his own home on a Self Build Scheme in London and went on to site manage other self build schemes in London and Brighton.


He was worked development worker for the Walter Segal Self Build Trust, and was a committee member of The Association for Environment Conscious Building (AECB).

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Kara Moses

Kara is a facilitator of social change and nature connection, offering experiential, educational courses in nature connection, spiritual ecology and skills for social change – combining all three where possible.


 Kara is a tutor on our Rewilding Ourselves: Deepening our Nature Connection, Zero Carbon Britain and Zero Carbon Experience courses, as well as our MSc. Sustainability and Adaptation

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David Bavin

David Bavin is a tutor on our Introduction to Rewilding course.


David has a background in marine biology, and has since been involved in a number of conservation projects focused predominantly on carnivores in conservation conflict scenarios.


He is currently Project Officer for the The Vincent Wildlife Trust’s Pine Marten Recovery Project, through which he has gained experience of the nuts and bolts of wildlife translocation, from initial feasibility work, intensive field monitoring and public involvement post-translocation.

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Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon was co-founder of V3 in 2006. Tom has a background in physics and is V3's most rounded engineer.

He has taught on nearly 50 wind turbine courses and overseen over 30 installations. 

Tom is the tutor on our Build a small wind turbine course. 

Rob Goodsell


Rob Goodsell has been working for CAT for eleven years.


Rob is our main tutor on our Sustainable Woodland Management course, amongst others.


His love of and connection to nature in part comes from living in Canada’s wilds as a child.


Rob has been teaching for seventeen years both in classrooms and the outdoors.  He is currently working four woodlands of differing natures but to sustainable management principles focusing on the relationship between conservation, resilience, human interaction and economic realities.

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Bo Tang

Bo Tang studied architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL), University of East London and London Metropolitan University, where she graduated with distinction in 2008.


Bo is a tutor on A Way of building course here at CAT.


Since 2006, Bo has been involved in the research field of the Architecture of Rapid Change and Scarce Resources (ARCSR), coordinating and managing live projects with students in informal settlements in India, in collaboration with local NGOs, and funded by the Water Trust. These include a sanitation upgrading project in Agra, cooperative resettlement housing and infrastructure in Delhi, and quarry classrooms in Navi Mumbai.

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David Thorpe

David Thorpe is the tutor on our One Planet Life course.


David believes that 'with imagination we can change the world'.


He is the author of The One Planet Life (Routledge, 2015) and a co-founder/patron of The One Planet Council, and wrote the OPC's guidance to applying for planning permission for a one planet development.

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Paul Allen

Paul Allen is our main tutor for our Zero carbon Britain courses at CAT.


Holding an Honours degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Paul joined CAT in 1988.


 He assisted in the development and production of a wide range of renewable energy systems and helped develop CAT’s spin-off engineering company, Dulas Ltd.


He is currently CAT External Relations Officer and ZCB Project Co-ordinator.


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Frances Hill



Frances Hill is a Senior Lecturer on the MSc SA, and Subject Leader on MSc SEPDM.


With a background in physics, and a PhD in Environmental Engineering, Frances lectures on heat transfers in buildings, and on renewable energy provision. She also teaches study skills including in data analysis.

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Luis Bateira

Luis Bateira is tutor for the renewable energy section of our Build a Tiny House course. 


Luís moved to Wales in 2015 to study renewable energies at CAT.


Now he spends most of his time fixing wind turbines or helping people with their eco builds. At CAT he's helping people to understand renewable energy systems applied to different situations in some of the short courses.

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Louise Halestrap



MSc Architecture: Advanced Environmental and Energy studies

Senior Lecturer

Thesis Supervisor

Additional Needs Coordinator


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Steve Carver

Steve Carver is a senior lecturer at the University of Leeds and is Director of the Wildland Research Institute. 

Steve is a tutor on our Introduction to Rewilding course.


He's a long-term advocate for wilderness, wild land and rewilding.


He's a member of the Rewilding Britain Advisory Group and also sits on the Wild Ennerdale Scientific Advisory Panel.

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Mick Green

Mick is an independent ecologist and campaigner based in Mid Wales.


Mick is a tutor on our Introduction to Rewilding course.


Mick’s main area of interest is uplands and especially upland birds – an area in which he has undertaken much research and survey and has worked in the Mid-Wales uplands for over 30 years. He has been involved in rewilding through The Wildland Network and as a Trustee of Rewilding Britain for a number of years.

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Amanda Dean

Amanda qualified as a Medical Herbalist in 2000, from the College of Phytotherapy in Sussex, UK. The in-depth, 4 year professional training included 500 hours of clinical practice. Since 2001 she have been a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, the UK's leading professional body for herbal practitioners.


Amanda is the tutor on our Herbal Medicine courses here at CAT.

Amanda is also an experienced teacher and workshop facilitator and has led workshops both in the UK and internationally.

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Nick Parsons

Nick Parsons, has worked for over 25 years in energy-efficient and sustainable building and renewable energy.


Nick is the lead tutor on our Eco-Refurbishment course here at the CAT.


For 10 years from 2000 - 2010 he ran a community-sector project in Sheffield promoting and demonstrating all aspects of sustainable building, based in an eco-refurbished terraced house, before going freelance in December 2010.



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Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow works for one of only a handful of companies working with hempcrete in the UK and the only one to work with self-builders.

He is the tutor on our Hempcrete - Retrofitting for self-builders course.

He works on the strategic development of the company but still regularly take the opportunity to get his hands dirty on the building sites.

He is also a freelance writer on natural building.

Julia Walling



Julia Walling is the creator of Woods for Wellbeing, a social enterprise that connects people with woods.


Julia is a tutor on our  Social Forestry course.


She designs and runs a wide variety of social forestry projects for partners such as AONBs, Butterfly Conservation and the Forestry Commission.


She has been a teacher, counsellor and meditation tutor for over 25 years and is involved in curriculum and course design for social forestry.

As lead tutor, she delivers the Social Forestry OCN training course for The Small Woods Association

Maurice Mitchell


Maurice MitchellMaurice Mitchell AA Dipl. RIBA Professor Architecture of Rapid Change and Scarce Resources (ARCSR) London Metropolitan University.


Maurice is the main tutor on our A Way of Building course here at CAT.


Maurice Mitchell teaches, researches and directs live projects in the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Design (FASD) at London Metropolitan University where he runs a Diploma Studio. He has also taught at the Architectural Association, Oxford Brookes University and the Development Planning Unit, University College London.



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Angie Polkey

Angie moved to Wales in 1997 to practise and teach permaculture design and nature conservation. Her qualifications include a PhD in Ecology and an Advanced Certificate of Education.


Angie is a tutor on our Permaculture courses.


She has worked for various NGOs, including a Wildlife Trust, RSPB, Learning through Landscapes and, for almost 15 years, Denmark Farm Conservation Centre near Lampeter, where she was the Project Coordinator.

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Tim Coleridge


Tim Coleridge


Tim is an Architect and Programme Leader of the Msc:SABE ( Sustainability and Adaptation in the Built Environment ) by attendance and distance learning, and a BREEAM Offices Assessor.  


Prior to joining CAT, Tim spent eight years in practice at Hopkins Architects in London where he led design teams working on projects ranging widely in programme and scale. Each of these projects tackled head-on in different, but equally ambitious ways, the real world challenges of sustainable and low energy design.


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Rowland Keable


Rowland Keable began building earth structures in Sierra Leone in 1985 and has extensive experience of working across Africa and the UK.


Rowland is the tutor on our Building with Rammed Earth course.

After publishing Rammed Earth Structures: A Code of Practice, Rowland worked towards its adoption as a Standard, first in Zimbabwe between 1995-98, and then across the SADC region where rammed earth now has a national standard in 15 countries. 

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