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Andrea Smith

Andrea Smith is our tutor for our Felting course here at CAT.


Andrea first encountered  felting around 2002 whilst on an Art and Design Diploma course. The whole experience was delightful, the fact that it was such an ancient craft, the varieties of wool; the finest cashmere to the coarsest camel, which can be spun, felted, woven and even sculpted.  


After completing a design degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing and going on to teach these subjects, I discovered a tiny family run business in which I managed to secure a part time job and where I was taught to spin, weave, dye and blend wool of every kind and to needle felt and even Nuno felt with beautiful silks.


Since moving to Wales, I have continued to explore techniques such as natural dying, using the local lichen and experimenting with other plants such as berries and mosses, and have been using my wool blending machine to blend wool batts which invoke the seasons of the forests and the hills, the misty sunrises I see when driving to work through the hills and valleys, and the sunsets and changing seasonal beauty which now surround me.

 Nothing makes me happier than to watch others discover their own creations and their happy accidents!