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Daniël Postma



Daniël Postma (Aberdeen, Scotland, 1983) grew up in the heart of the Netherlands and trained as an archaeologist at the Groningen Institute of Archaeology (University of Groningen).


Excavating settlements in the former Frisian littoral and the Shetland Isles and training in turf construction in Iceland, he soon developed an interest in ancient rural buildings in the North Sea and North Atlantic area.


A subsequent PhD project focussed on the development and construction of early medieval longhouses in the north of the Netherlands. Part of this project consisted of reconstructing a full scale, 8th century AD turf house, aimed at working out how load-bearing turf walls were built in the past. Daniël is currently in the process of finishing his PhD dissertation and setting up his freelances business Archaeo Build.


His aim is to bridge the gap between specialised research of ancient building traditions and the development of an archaeologically inspired, sustainable architecture.


Daniël’s visit to CAT is partly made possible through his second place in the University of Groningen Sustainable Society Impact Award (part of EU Horizon 2020 ACCOMPLISH project).